World History

War, Culture and Feline Grace

Eastern Continent:
The Eastern Continent is controlled largely by a centralized government primarily run by the Leos tribe. The Northern coasts are populated mostly by Uncias and Tigris tribesmen, while the central desert is only hospitable to the Jubatus runners and to the mythical wemicks. The southern regions are home to another large tribe of Tigris and a system of Lynx monasteries.

Central Islands:
The central islands are the origin of the Catus tribes of catfolk and elven catfolk. They still control the islands, though they welcome all visitors, just as they are widespread across both of the other continents.

Western Continent:
The farthest reaches of the northern coasts are populated by the Oncas and Lynx tribes. The Oncas also control the central government of the Western continent. Pardus and Lupus coexist nervously in the North-Central plains region.

World History

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