Felidaen Race Information

The People of Gellica

All Felidaens on all worlds and planes spring from a common ancestral line on Gellica. As a result, the basic traits of all Felidaens are the same.

Felidaens are humanoid felines with short pelts covering their bodies. Each subrace has its own coloration and their pelts range in color from greyish white and light yellow to dark reddish brown and black. All have fur long enough to be considered “decent” among their own people, though each subrace has its own ideas about fashion and adornment. Eyes range in color from pale yellow to very dark green or blue. Each subrace has different strengths, weaknesses and social customs and, in addition, each land has shaped its own form of Felidaen best suited to the land’s own requirements.

There are certain traits that all felidaens share, as per the Pathfinder catfolk race. There are variations for each subrace, though, just as tieflings of various bloodlines have variant abilities and characteristics.

Felidaen Genetics

Most of the felidaen subraces can interbreed without notable problems. It has been posited by felidaen scientists that pheromones present in the male felidaen during breeding has additional influence on the kind and number of offspring, since the male’s subrace determines the subrace of the children as well as the number of children in a litter. This holds true regardless of the race of the mother, so a leo breeding with a human female will always result in a litter of leo offspring.

The only exception to the subrace interbreeding appears to be the catus or catfolk nation. These felidaens can interbreed freely with humans, elves and felidaens of the margaritas nation, but are apparently sterile with any other felidaens and humanoids. There have been hypotheses on this subject indicating that the catfolk are a different form of felidaen, one who left Gellica for a period of years via Planar travel or SpellJamming, mixed freely with human, elves and other demihumans and then returned to Gellica as a genetically drifted race. Their bond to the margaritas indicates a closer genetic similarity, which may mean the margaritas people were present in the original sample to leave their homeworld.

Felidaen Race Information

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