Character Creation

The world of Gellica is entirely feline. Player characters must be one of the listed felidaen subtypes or one of the planet’s other humanoid races (lupus, wemick, tieflings, aasimar, orc or half-orc). Humans and the other humanoid races have not yet discovered the planet.

While Gellican felidaens once possessed the secrets of Spelljamming, they have since lost the knack. There may be information in the deep archives of the catfolk and elven catfolk libraries, but no one has seen or heard of interstellar travel in generations.

Planar travel is uncommon, but does happen. The magical and alchemical societies of Uncias and Catus are more likely to have explored the other planes and are likewise more likely to have tieflings and aasimar among their offspring.

Technology level is low in most of the Western continent. The Eastern continent ruled by the Leos tribe has a slightly higher technology level which is supported by close contact with the Uncias alchemists and inventors who have been playing with black powder for several decades. The Catus tribes of the central islands have the highest technology level and they possess the only advanced firearms.

Available classes: all classes in Pathfinder are available on Gellica. Most archetypes will also be allowed, though check with your GM for approval.

Character Creation

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